About Reed Ranch School

Reed Ranch School is a K-6 rural elementary school located approximately 17 km east of Olds on Hwy. 27. 

Reed Ranch offers a complete academic program and students are organized into these classes - we are split graded until 2pm then tripled graded.

The kindergarten operates two days a week (Tuesday and Thursday) in a portable adjacent to the school.  There is a private playschool program that operates out of the kindergarten room one morning a week.

Reed Ranch operates on a four-day week and a normal week runs from Monday to Thursday.  When a holiday falls on a Monday, the school week is from Tuesday to Friday with the Monday schedule moved
to Friday.  Each school day starts at 8:24 am and runs to 3:30 pm.  There are no scheduled early dismissal days.

Our school trustee for Ward 7 is Trudy James.